Welcome to the homepage of fantasy and mystery writer James Spencer

This site is designed for you to get to know me and my work. You'll find excerpts from my books. I will be adding Tips as I go along.

My first tip is: Be passionate about your passion. Your work reveals your passion.

I started life in a small New England town the son of a firefighter and a nurse. My education wasn't anything special. In 1965, I joined the United States Air Force. Twenty-one years later, I retired from the most interesting job I have ever held. A dozen or so stressful jobs later, I had a heart attack. Confined to a bed I started to write.

Eleven years passed and I finished my first novel. It seemed the novel lived in some phase of revision. I attended conferences and honed my writing skill. A lot of practice, a lot of mentoring and a ton of writing later I am where I am today. Within months of releasing my first mystery to be followed by my first fantasy in the fall.

People ask me all the time how I write. I don't have a formula. I try to write everyday but I don't beat myself up if I can't do it. It isn't work for me. Work is slogging along behind a snow blower in below freezing weather. I start with a situation; I put people I know in that situation. The book evolves from there to a probable ending that I envisioned. Whatever I am doing, it is fun!